Small LED flashlights – low cost

Here are my favorite low cost LED flashlights.

# 1)  T51 MXDL 3 watt LED flashlight.  It uses one AA battery.  It has a brighter beam and longer battery life than most 1xAAA flashlights.  It is 106mm long and 24mm in diameter (4 1/8 inches x 15/16 inches) and weighs 40 grams without the battery.  This flashlight is not shock-proof so you need to add rubber bands or something (see below) to each end so it will not be damaged if you drop it.   [Brightness: 40 to 60 lumens]


# 2)  9 volt LED flashlight.  It costs more than my others, but it has high and low settings.  During the recent storm that we had, I used this flashlight a lot.  I used it on low all night for several nights.  [Brightness: approx. 25 to 30 lumens low and 40 to 50 lumens high]


# 3)  Rechargeable USB LED flashlight.  It includes a rechargeable lithium battery.  It’s output is 25 Lumens – it is almost as bright as a good 1xAAA flashlight.  It is submersible.  To charge the flashlight, just plug it into any USB port –  it has a red “charging” indicator light that changes to green when the charging is complete.  It is 54mm long and 22mm in diameter (2 1/16 inches x 7/8 inches).  It has a spring-loaded clasp and can be used as a keychain or can be attached to a keychain.  Left “on”, it will provide usable light for about 2 1/2 hours.  It takes about 5 hours to mostly discharge the battery (if left “on”, the LED actually stays lit for 24 hours).   [Brightness: 25 lumens]


# 4)  7119 MXDL 3 watt LED flashlight.  It uses one AAA battery.  It  is bright for a 1xAAA flashlight.  You can find it in red or black.  It is 98mm long and 14mm in diameter (3 7/8 inches x 9/16 inches) and weighs 21 grams without the battery.  I do not think that this flashlight is shock-proof so you need to add rubber bands to each end so it will not be damaged if you drop it.   [Brightness:  approx. 25 to 30 lumens]


The common 9-LED flashlights that use three AAA batteries have a brightness of about 30 lumens.


LED’s flashlights are great for power outages. A high/low brightness switch is a useful feature during a power outage – it is good for areas that you want to be lighted all night – hallways, bathrooms, outside entrances – if set on low, most will last for many hours.

To hang the flashlight, just attach a thin wire – 6 to 12 inches long with a loop or hook at the free end.


How to shock-proof LED flashlights

This is what I use to make flashlights more impact-resistant:

1) One layer of  Shelf and Drawer Liner  (non-adhesive, grip top and grip bottom, cushioned)

2) Then one or two layers of  Scotch #2242 rubber electrical tape  (it is cushioned)

You can use just one of these, but the combination using both works very well.


LED’s for home use

I have four decorative-type lights in the front of where I live – they are 12 volts and had 13 watt bulbs.  The bulbs are the same type used by cars (same base as #1156).  I replaced the bulbs with LED bulbs that have 36 LED’s in each one – the cost for four was $9.38 including shipping.  The bulbs power usage is about 1 watt each – so the power usage for the 4 bulbs plus transformer went from 58 watts to 8 watts.  My power cost for the four lights went from $61 per year to $8 per year.

Two years ago I put two LED bulbs in our bathroom.  (We also have an overhead light in there.)  The LED bulbs have 24 LED’s in each one and uses 0.8 watt each.  they are 110 volts and fit the normal light socket used in the US.  The cost for two was $12.99 including shipping.  At night we can just leave them on as a nightlight – at 1.6 watts total, their usage is less than one regular nightlight bulb and they are brighter.  If left on for 24 hours a day, electricity usage cost for a year would be $3.36.  (I am in the northeastern US, power rates are higher than most of the US).

One of the 24-LED bulbs blew out after a short while (maybe 6 months).  I was not too happy, but this happens sometimes when you buy something expensive that is supposed to save you money.  I replaced the bulbs with two 38-LED bulbs that use 1.9 watts each.  They are very bright, so most of the time, you do not need to turn on the overhead light, plus we still use them as a nightlight.


This is good low cost motion sensor light to light up your hallways, stairways, closets, etc.
I have two similar lights that costed more and don’t work any better.
It has 8 LED’s and uses two AA batteries.

Motion sensor 8 LED light - uses 2xAA

Motion sensor 8 LED light – uses 2xAA



Motion sensor 8 LED light - uses 2xAA

Motion sensor 8 LED light – uses 2xAA

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